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Fixed Visor, Pack of 10

Fixed Visor, Pack of 10


SKU: V001
Qté / QtyPrix / Price
10 - 49 $80.00
50 - 99 $65.00
100 + $55.00


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This visor is fixed, in other words it does not pivot. This is our most popular model for those looking for an affordable, sturdy and comfortable face shield.


The protective shield is made of optical grade 0.013’’ (0,33mm) thick PET plastic with a protective film on the outer side of the visor as well as an anti fog film on the interior.

Our visor has excellent transparency and thanks to the protective film, we make sure it makes it into the hands of the user damage-free. The anti fog film ensures unobstructed vision in any work environment.

Forehead Support

The forehead support is made from closed cell foam, a material that doesn’t absorb moisture. The dimensions are 1’’ x 1’’ x 9’’, making it easier to clean and very soft on the skin. The low profile allows it to conform to the shape of the user’s forehead, providing unparalleled comfort.


100% nylon elastic allows for ample tightening adjustment of the visor on the user’s head. The elastics are cut with hot blades to seal the ends and prevent fraying. Our Face Shield comes with an adjustable system with 2 holes in the visor, it'll give you the freedom to fit it for your head size!

Warning :

Use only as a face shield serving as a barrier to prevent exposure to splashes of bodily fluids. The visor does not offer protection against splashing liquids in large quantities, nor against inhalation of aerosols, it is not impact resistant and should not be used as eye protection or as protection against flammable materials.

This face shield meets all of the constraints required by Health Canada for Personal Protective Equipment, but cannot guarantee the user to not contract an illness.