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Ergonomic Swivel Face Shield, Pack of 10

Ergonomic Swivel Face Shield, Pack of 10

$140.00 $130.00

SKU: V005
10 - 99 $120.00
100 + $90.00



This swiveling Face Shield gives you the opportunity to wear it either in raised or lowered position.

Shipped assembled and ready to be used.


Technical Specifications:

  • Before wearing, peel-off the protective film
  • PET-G plastic, no distortion, optical grade 0.013’’ thickness
  • Anti fog treatment inside the visor
  • Optimized airflow, engineered to be lightweight, very comfortable during long hours
  • Closed cell foam strip, easily washable, absolute comfort on the forehead
  • Easy swivel around the head, this face shield hold by itself in position
  • 100% Nylon Elastic Band, adjustable, sealed to avoid fraying

Technical Spec Sheet V005

Warning :

Use only as a face shield serving as a barrier to prevent exposure to splashes of bodily fluids. The visor does not offer protection against splashing liquids in large quantities, nor against inhalation of aerosols, it is not impact resistant and should not be used as eye protection or as protection against flammable materials.

This face shield meets all of the constraints required by Health Canada for Personal Protective Equipment, but cannot guarantee the user to not contract an illness.