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Discover the customers and
industries opting for our
protective visors in Canada

Our client list continues to grow, as do the thousands of users who wear our visors.

Here is a short list of where they’re used :

  • Health field;
  • Catering;
  • Municipal, provincial and federal public service;
  • Retail businesses;
  • Manufacturing plants;
  • Food processing plants.

Our current clients include:

  • CIUSSS of West Montréal (more than 250 000 units)
  • CIUSSS of South Shore Montréal (more than 50 000 units)
  • CISSS of Laval (more than 35 000 units)
  • Marie-Clarac Hospital (more than 6 000 units)
  • City of Laval (more than 3000 units)
  • Albi Le Géant (plus de 2000 unités)
  • Albi Le Géant (more than 2000 units)
  • Héroux-Devtek (more than 1000 units)
  • Montoni Construction Group (more than 500 units)
  • Physio-Extra Health Clinics (more than 400 units)
  • McGill University Faculty of Sciences (more than 100 units)

Warning :

Use only as a face shield serving as a barrier to prevent exposure to splashes of bodily fluids. The visor does not offer protection against splashing liquids in large quantities, nor against inhalation of aerosols, it is not impact resistant and should not be used as eye protection or as protection against flammable materials.

This face shield meets all of the constraints required by Health Canada for Personal Protective Equipment, but cannot guarantee the user to not contract an illness.