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Find out who’s behind these protective visors in the Montréal area

Bourassa Protection Médicale for your visors!

Bourassa Protection Médicale is a Québec company specializing in the manufacture of personal protective visors, having already sold more than 900,000 units across Canada.

Always with the best interest of our clients at heart, we are committed to delivering superior-quality and comfortable products which meet the specific needs and requirements for their individual situations. Based on your needs, we identify the criteria for your protective visor design and adapt accordingly.

Our products conform to the applicable standards and we are committed to the highest standards of quality. In addition, we strive to use local products and suppliers to support the local economy.

Bourassa Protection Médicale holds a Medical Device Establishment License (MDEL) issued by Health Canada (# 12391) to manufacture this type of equipment in Canada.

Warning :

Use only as a face shield serving as a barrier to prevent exposure to splashes of bodily fluids. The visor does not offer protection against splashing liquids in large quantities, nor against inhalation of aerosols, it is not impact resistant and should not be used as eye protection or as protection against flammable materials.

This face shield meets all of the constraints required by Health Canada for Personal Protective Equipment, but cannot guarantee the user to not contract an illness.